Inspire Overview
Accessing Inspire
Scheduling Appointments in Inpsire

What is Inspire, and how is Health Professions Advising utilizing the system?

Inspire is a new centralized advising system being utilized as a resource by many advising offices at the university. Health Professions Advising has used the system for our Recommendation File Service for several years, and will now begin to use the system to help undergraduate students and alumni schedule appointments, track experiences, and help manage portions of the application process for medical school and other health professions programs. 

Most current Northwestern undergraduate students and recent alums already have access to Inspire, and can log in using your netID at 

You will most likely have access to two sides of Inpsire: one specific to your academic unit (Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, School of Communication, etc.), and one related to your status as a pre-med/pre-health student. You will access both aspects from the same login and home screen. 

Accessing Health Professions Advising via Inspire

Scheduling a pre-med/pre-health advising appointment using Inspire

Please read the information below to learn how to schedule an appointment with your health professions advisor. For brief visual instructions on scheduling an appointment in Inspire, please review pages 11-12 of the AdviseStream Student Guide. (Please note: The guide corresponds with the old interface under the name "Advistream" and will be updated when new instructions are available.)

Inspire Troubleshooting

1. I’m trying to schedule an appointment with my pre-med/pre-health advisor in Inspire, but it isn’t working. What should I do?