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Our mission

We strive to enrich and enhance learning opportunities for Northwestern University and Evanston Township High School (ETHS) students.

Our work

Northwestern has more than 100 substantial partnerships with Evanston Township High School, including the Northwestern Evanston Education Research Alliance (NEERA), Northwestern Academy, Evanston Scholars, and Digital Divas.

The mutually beneficial relationship between the two communities has grown exponentially since the office opened in 2012. We support Northwestern and ETHS by listening to the needs, goals, and challenges of both schools to identify opportunities for addressing issues, collaboratively.

Our work spans disciplines and boundaries, crossing into academics, athletics, health and wellness, identity and social consciousness, college and career education, cultural events, mentoring, arts, and community engagement.


Our support

The Northwestern/ETHS Partnership Office is part of President Schapiro’s  Good Neighbor, Great University Initiative. The Partnership Office work is supported by Neighborhood and Community Relations and the Office of Community Education Partnerships in the School of Education and Social Policy.

Office of community education partnerships  school of education & social policy                                                                               neighborhood and COMMUNITY RELATIONS

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