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Feinberg Student Winter Testing Information

Dear Students,

As we approach the beginning of a new calendar year, I am writing to share Northwestern’s Winter Term (January through March) COVID-19 testing information for students in Feinberg clinical education programs, specifically MD, PT, and PA students, as well as MPO students who are participating in on-site activities. I encourage you to read this information carefully, which includes: 

  • Testing requirements for return to campus
  • Winter testing protocol for students in Feinberg clinical programs

Non-clinical Feinberg graduate, master’s and professional students will follow slightly different University testing protocols. 

Winter COVID-19 Testing Protocols for Students in Feinberg Clinical Programs

Return to Campus Information: Testing and Modified Quarantine

As you have already heard from your program directors, students who are travelling and are in Feinberg clinical education programs should return to campus no later than January 3. Students who have traveled will be required to participate in a modified quarantine (engage only in essential activities until test results are known). Additionally, all Feinberg clinical students must receive a negative COVID-19 test before engaging in any in-person activity on campus or at our clinical affiliates.

Students in Feinberg clinical education programs will be tested for COVID-19 on January 7 and 8. Prior to this date, and ideally as soon as possible, you must login to the booking website linked below, and select a time slot by choosing the “January-Chicago Graduate Students” option from the menu. If you have tested positive in the last 90 days through NU/NM testing, you do not need to be tested again at this time. If you tested positive in the last 90 days at another testing site, please report your positive test at

Book your January return to campus COVID-19 test now.

  • Please note that NU has a new testing partner, Color, starting in January. After scheduling your test, please create a profile with Color as soon as possible and before you arrive on campus. Doing this will make your first testing appointment go smoothly. 
  • Please do not schedule your test to occur prior to January 7, since your quarantine will not begin until January 3.

Return to Campus Testing: What to Expect

  • Watch this one-minutevideo from Northwestern and this two-minute video from Color, which will give you a good understanding of what to expect during your test.
  • Bring a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with you to activate your testing kit onsite. If you don’t have access to your own device, there will be one shared station available at the Superior Street site.
  • You’ll activate your kit, collect your sample, and drop it off in about 15 minutes.
  • Test results may take a few days to arrive; you will receive an email or text from Color when your results are ready, and you can view them in your Color account dashboard.

Asymptomatic Testing Options for Students in Feinberg Clinical Programs, January through March

Students in Feinberg clinical programs will have the OPTION to participate in asymptomatic COVID-19 weekly testing, but it will not be required.

To participate in this testing program, please fill out this form by January 3 to sign up for the University’s Recurring Surveillance Program for students. By signing up for this program, you are agreeing to comply with the testing cadence assigned by Northwestern. That will likely be either weekly or every other week, depending on the amount of time you spend on campus and the type of work you do.

Symptomatic Testing January through March

As a reminder, if at any time you have COVID-19 symptoms, follow the directions for symptomatic testing outlined here.

If you have additional questions about your individual COVID-19 testing options, please email For questions about Feinberg’s COVID-19 response or to report issues, please contact

We thank you for your attention to these testing protocols. By completing your COVID testing as required by Northwestern, you help support a healthy campus community. We look forward to seeing you in January.


Luke Figora 
Senior Associate Vice President
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer