The second annual Best Practices Forum was held on Thursday, March 19, 2009 at the Norris Center. 

This year's Forum included a lunch time presentation “Measuring the External Strength of a School’s Brand: Kellogg’s Media Audit Program and its Implications for Media Relations Strategy” by David  Besanko.

The 2009 presentations included:

Title:Implementing a More Strategic Procurement Environment


  • Jim Konrad, Director of Purchasing
  • Karl Turro, Controller
  • Randy Henry, Business Systems Analyst Lead

Title:Faculty On-boarding – Starting Off on the Right Foot


  • Abby Cullough
  • Melissa Durst, Director of Administration & Planning
  • Lois Remeikis, Associate Dean Information Services

Title:Collaborative Student Assessment and Academic Performance Tracking


  • Mac Flores, Senior Software Developer
  • Jonathan Lewis, Assistant Dean of Management Information Systems

Title:An Innovative Model of Research Administration in the McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science


  • Elizabeth Adams, Director of Research Administration
  • Deborah Cundiff, Associate Director of Research Administration

Title:Improving Graduate Admissions: The Online E-Brochure Solution


  • Gina Myerson, Assistant Dean Marketing & External Communications
  • Kyle Delaney, Director Marketing & External Communications

Title:Using Position Management to Maximize Human and Financial Resources


  • Meg McDonald, Senior Executive Director Office for Research
  • Kathy Tessendorf, Director of Human Resources Information Systems 
  • Mary Tobin, Director of Administration & Resource Planning

Title:NUIT’s Information Security Vulnerability Assessment Program by Jeff Holland


  • Jeff Holland, Security Vulnerability Analyst

Title:Graduate Admissions Tracking System (GATS)


  • Alan Wolff, Senior IT Director
  • Daniel Lee, Senior Web Applications/Software Developer