The first annual Best Practices Forum was held on Thursday, May 22, 2008 at the Norris Center. 

The forum represents an opportunity for staff leaders to acquire new knowledge, make new contacts, and gain ideas that can be shared with collegues for future enhancements.

A total of 77 staff members participated in the event.  Most were administrators from both the Schools and Central Administration.  There was representation from each of the eleven schools at the forum.

The 2008 presentations included: 

Title:Faculty Information System


  • Alan Wolff, Senior IT Director

Title:Customer Service Center


  • Alice Kelley, Associate Dean of Administration, Finance & Planning
  • Tami Renner

Title:Administrative Roles and Responsibilities


  • Joe Doty, Department Administrator
  • Rebecca Cooke, Chief Operating Officer
  • Sepi Sepasi, Director of Change Management

Title:Accreditation and Accountability: Digital Portfolios, Virtual Showrooms, and a Content Management System


  • Mark Swindle, Senior Web Design

Title:NUCATS Online


  • Paula Carney, Lecturer

Title:Focusing on Student Learning Through Brown Bags and Annual Conference


  • Tedd Vanadilok, Director Asian-Asian American Studies
  • Tracie Thomas, Associate Director of Career Development