Writers in Residence

Winter Quarter 2017- Writer in Residence ALEX KOTLOWITZ

There is such beauty and power in storytelling. The best of nonfiction narrative pokes and prods our preconceptions, pushing us to imagine the world through the eyes of others. What makes for a compelling story? How can we make nonfiction read like literature? How do we tell true stories that are both intimate and vivid? We’ll explore the craft of reporting and research which borrows from a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, history and sociology -- and work with rigor and discipline on the art of good writing. We’ll read nonfiction narratives – both book and magazine articles (and listen to some radio) – on a host of subjects, ranging from war and poverty to the environment and sports. We’ll work in this class as a professional writer might, from draft to draft. There will be regular writing assignments, and students will be asked to craft a longer narrative on a subject of their choosing. The course will be run as a seminar so there will be an emphasis on critical class discussion – and workshopping your writing.

Spring Quarter 2017 Visiting Writer in Residence DRISS KSIKES teaching The Art of Playwriting

The Center for the Writing Arts is honored to have Driss Ksikes as the first Visiting-Writer-in-Residence to teach the ART OF PLAYWRITING.  

Driss Ksikes is professor at HEM Business School (Morocco) of media, culture and creative writing..Previously editor of TelQuel, he is since 2007 managing Director of the CESEM (HEM Business School’s research center) and editor of Economia, its main electronic review journal. Literary critic, he is playwright, novelist and essay writer, co-author of “Le métier d’intellectuel” (Presses de l’Université Citoyenne, Ed. En toutes lettres, 2014), for which he has been awarded Grand Atlas Prize in 2015. His theatre writings comprise Pas de mémoire, mémoire de pas (1998), Le saint des incertains (2000), Il (2008), 180 degrés (2010), N'enterrez pas trop vite Big Brother (2013). He was selected by National Studio Theatre in London in 2012 among six best african playwrights, and nominated in 2014 as the best francophone playwright. Culturally active, he is the co-founder of Averroes encounters in Rabat since 2009 and initiator of citizen theatrical experiences.