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The Center aims to transform the University into a community that supports the academic, career, and personal aspirations of all women at Northwestern University.

Institutional advocacy

Much of the Women’s Center’s institutional advocacy work is conducted through staff service on University-wide committees, where we assess the effectiveness of institutional policies and procedures pertinent to women.

Based on feedback from our constituents, our ongoing struggles relate to:

The Women’s Center has been instrumental in creating major University policies, including the policies on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault, and Civility, Mutual Respect & Violence in the Workplace.

Individual advocacy

On the individual level, the Women’s Center takes active measures to help individuals obtain mental health, legal, or academic assistance. Staff members are trained advocates for survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault, physical violence, discrimination, and other barriers that impede one’s personal, professional, or academic development. As advocates, we believe all survivors have the right to respect, information, confidentiality and social justice.

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