Responding to Sexual Assault

What can I do if I think I was assaulted?

1. Consider going to the emergency room
At the emergency room, doctors and nurses can treat any injuries, test for and treat sexually transmitted infections, and test for pregnancy. The Northwestern University Health Service lists some other things that assault victims can expect from an emergency room stay:

Read a more complete version of this information from NUHS.

2. If you choose not to go to the hospital, consider seeing a private doctor or clinician at NU Health Service.

NU Health Service provides a list of possible providers.

3. Emotional support following a sexual assault
The Northwestern University Health Service provides suggestions for victims of sexual assault:

Read more about these suggestions from NUHS.

4.You have the option of seeking an institutional hearing through SAHAS, the Sexual Assault Hearing & Appeals System.

Read more about SAHAS.

How can I support someone who was sexually assaulted?

Dealing with sexual assault is not only difficult for a survivor; it is also difficult for the people that the survivor turns to for support. Being a supporter can be stressful and confusing. Remember that its okay if you don't know exactly what to say to the survivor or how to help. Remember you dont have to have all the answers. It may be that all the survivor wants from you is somebody to listen and empathize. Here are some helpful guidelines: