Licensing Agents

Domestic Licensing

The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), a division of IMG, is under contract to handle all domestic licensing agreements for Northwestern University. For information regarding licensing opportunities contact:

Collegiate Licensing Company (division of IMG)

  • 290 Interstate North, Suite 200
    Atlanta, GA 30339
  • Phone: (770) 956-0520
  • Fax: (770) 955-4991

CLC also helps administer a consortium of universities throughout the country, including Northwestern. The consortium aims to bring consistency into the American marketplace for officially licensed collegiate products. The group’s objectives include:

  • Ensuring that the names and logos of the participating universities are protected
  • Ensuring that alumni, students, and supporters can easily recognize authorized merchandise
  • Guaranteeing that the quality standards of products offered remain high

International Licensing

CLC International is under contract to handle all international licensing agreements. For information regarding international licensing opportunities contact:

  • IMG College/Collegiate Licensing Co.
    290 Interstate North Circle, Suite 200
    Atlanta, GA 30330
  • Contact: Travis Self, Operations Manager, 770-956-0502 
  • Fax: 770-955-4491

Outside the United States, CLC International assists with Northwestern University's Trademark Licensing program. In coordination with both The Collegiate Licensing Company and CLC International, the University offers a direct licensing agreement.

CLC and CLC International services

  • Knowing potential licensees (suppliers and manufacturers)
  • Providing licensing information to potential licensees
  • Executing the licensing agreement with licensees
  • Notifying retail outlets about the licensing program and recruiting their vendors
  • Finding potential licensees from other schools and markets
  • Attending manufacturers' trade shows
  • Contacting local retailers to get their support
  • Mailing lists of current licensees to retail buyers
  • Assisting in promotions, with internal audiences (faculty, staff, students and alumni) and the general public; and helping with press releases and public presentations
  • Searching for infringers
  • Establishing a series of "Cease" letters, which end with the intent to file suit
  • Having "Officially Licensed Collegiate Product" labels or tags placed on licensed goods that are for sale
  • Ensuring timely payments by licensees
  • Conducting on-site audits of licensees