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Summer Scholarships

Students attending Northwestern-sponsored summer programs are eligible to apply for financial aid and scholarships through Northwestern.

Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI)

NU students with demonstrated financial need will be considered for GESI scholarships. Award amounts vary and are based on financial need, essay quality, and academic merit. Underrepresented minority students are encouraged to apply. Apply early to be considered as scholarships are limited. For more information, please email

International Program Development (IPD)

IPD programs are designed so that financial concerns do not restrict opportunities for international study. Fellowship opportunities exist for Northwestern students to participate in IPD programs, and these are not limited to students with demonstrated financial need:

  • Hill-Urbina Global Health Studies Fellowship
    The Hill-Urbina Global Health Study Fellowship is designed to provide international study opportunities to Northwestern Global Health Minors. This award is based on academic merit, essay quality, and financial need. The award can range from $2000-$3000.
  • IPD Fellowship for International Study
    The IPD Fellowship, supported by the Office of the President and International Program Development, is designed to provide financial support to Northwestern undergraduate students who go abroad on IPD study abroad programs. The mission of IPD Fellowships is to aid all qualified Northwestern undergraduates to have the opportunity for an international experience, regardless of financial constraints. Awards (of up to $3,000) are based on essay quality, academic merit, and financial need.
  • Benedict K. Zobrist Scholarship
    The 2011 Benedict K. Zobrist Scholarship is designed to provide opportunities for undergraduate study in both Europe and Asia. This $2,500 award is based on academic merit and quality of submitted application materials.

Roberta Buffett Center for International & Comparative Studies (BCICS)

NU students with demonstrated financial need participating in the Turkey program will be considered for summer grant assistance from the Buffett Center. Award amounts vary and are based on financial need and academic merit. For more information, contact Rita Koryan.

Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid

Summer scholarship assistance through the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid is need-based and very limited. Funds are awarded on a priority basis, and priority may be given to students participating in Northwestern summer study abroad programs. Students attending non-Northwestern summer programs are not eligible to receive any form of financial assistance through Northwestern.

To be eligible for consideration, students must have applied for and received financial assistance during the 2012-2013 academic year. In addition, there is a separate application for summer financial aid, which becomes available each year in early spring. Decisions are made on a rolling basis, and students will be notified within 7-10 business days of submitting the application.

Because summer scholarship funding is so limited, students will be offered any remaining federal loan eligibility before being considered for scholarship assistance. This is also true for students who may not normally receive loans as part of their financial aid package during the academic year.  Loans for summer study abroad will not be considered for the Debt Cap.

Furthermore, the cost of studying abroad in the summer is typically much lower than the cost of a quarter on the Evanston campus during the regular academic year. Therefore, even students who qualify for Northwestern scholarship assistance during the academic year may not qualify for summer scholarship assistance. In addition, if you do qualify for scholarship assistance, the amount of your scholarship will likely be lower than during a regular quarter.

Northwestern financial aid is generally renewable for up to 12 quarters of enrollment. If you are offered and accept a summer scholarship offer from the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid, it will very likely count as a quarter of your Northwestern financial aid eligibility.

For more information, please contact Krista Buda Bethel, Assistant Director of Study Abroad Financial Services.

Outside Scholarships & Funding

There are many opportunities to apply for outside scholarships and funding to help offset the cost of your summer program. These opportunities may also be a funding option for students attending non-Northwestern summer programs, who do not qualify for other forms of assistance through Northwestern.

Visit the Outside Scholarships & Funding page for more information.