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Applying for Aid

Applying for financial aid for study abroad

If you currently receive financial aid from Northwestern, the aid application process is no different than that for regular campus study. For details on this process, please see the Undergraduate Financial Aid website.

  • For study abroad during the fall or for the full year, your completed financial aid application materials should be submitted by April 1st.
  • For study abroad during winter and/or spring quarters, you should submit your financial aid application by May 1st. Students studying abroad during winter and/or spring will initially be awarded aid based on a full year on campus. Revised awards for winter or winter-spring study abroad will be calculated in late October, and revised awards for spring-only programs will be calculated in late February.
  • If you receive an outside scholarship or a private loan for which a paper check is sent to the University, you may need to complete the Study Abroad Power of Attorney form, appointing a Power of Attorney (parent/guardian) to sign the check(s) in your absence, in order for these resources to be processed.

If you do not currently receive financial aid but are interested in applying for need-based assistance for the first time, please contact Krista Buda Bethel.

Applying for financial aid from overseas

If you will be abroad during winter and/or spring quarters, you must be sure that your financial aid application materials for the following academic year are completed by both you and a parent and submitted by May 1. You can find details on the application process on the Undergraduate Financial Aid website.