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Billing Arrangements

If you are attending an affiliated study abroad program, your family will receive an invoice from Northwestern University for your study abroad program tuition and the Northwestern Study Abroad Administrative Fee (SAAF). Some programs also have room, board, and other charges billed through Northwestern; other programs bill these supplemental charges directly to you.

Charges billed by Northwestern

Listings are organized by program sponsor or host institution, not by country.

Affiliated Program Sponsor Charges Billed by Northwestern
Alliance for Global Education Tuition, room, partial board, SAAF
American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) Program fee (tuition, room/board, airfare, visa), SAAF
American University in Cairo (AUC) Tuition, SAAF
Antioch Education Abroad Program fee (tuition, room/board, airfare London-Delhi-Bodh Gaya), SAAF
Arcadia University Tuition, HTH health insurance*, SAAF
(*All programs except New Zealand)
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Tuition & housing (including required Ulpan), SAAF
Boston University Program fee (tuition, room/board, airfare), SAAF
Collegium Hieronymi Pragensis (CHP) Program fee (tuition, room, breakfasts, Czech health insurance), SAAF
Columbia University Tuition, room, partial board, SAAF
Consortium for Advanced Studies in Barcelona (CASB) Tuition, room, SAAF
Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Program fee (tuition, room, CIEE insurance, visa*), SAAF
(*visa fees only included for China, India, Ghana, & Thailand programs, not Japan or Jordan)
Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) Tuition, SAAF
Duke University - Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS) Tuition, room, partial board (15 meals/week), Duke transcript fee, SAAF
Duke University - Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) Tuition, room, partial board (15 meals/week), SAAF
Earlham College Tuition, room & board, SAAF
Ewha University Tuition, SAAF
IES Abroad Tuition, SAAF
Hebrew University Tuition & housing (including required Ulpan), SAAF
Indiana University (BCSP) Tuition, SAAF
Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (IFSA-Butler) Tuition, room, partial board (15 meals/week), SAAF
Internships in Francophone Europe (IFE) Tuition, SAAF
Lewis & Clark College Program fee (tuition, room/board, residence permit), SAAF
London School of Economics (LSE) Tuition, SAAF
Middlebury College Tuition*, HTH health insurance, SAAF
(*China program fee includes tuition, HTH health insurance, room, and visa charges)
Northwestern Programs Program fee (varies, see program pages) (No SAAF for select programs)
NU Exchange Programs NU exchange program tuition (varies, see program pages) (No SAAF)
Royal Academy of Music (RAM) Tuition, SAAF
Sarah Lawrence College (BADA) Program fee (tuition, room, HTH health insurance), SAAF
School for International Training (SIT) Tuition, room & board, SAAF
St. Olaf College
(Budapest Semesters in Mathematics)
Tuition, SAAF
Sweet Briar College Program fee (tuition, room/board, airfare), SAAF
Syracuse University (SU Abroad) Tuition, SAAF
University of Chicago Tuition, room, partial board, SAAF
University of Minnesota Program fee (tuition, room, partial board, UMN health insurance), SAAF
University of Otago Tuition, SAAF
Yonsei University Tuition, SAAF

Important notes:

  • With the exceptions listed above, you are responsible for purchasing HTH Worldwide health insurance on your own, regardless of any other health insurance you have through your parents, Northwestern, or your study abroad program.
  • If you are attending an unaffiliated program, you are responsible for purchasing HTH yourself and paying your program directly for all charges except the SAAF. Northwestern University will only bill you for the SAAF.