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Vienna European Society & Culture

Vienna European Society & Culture website  (map)

Sponsor: IES Abroad

Location: Vienna, Austria


Offering both English- and German-taught courses, the IES Abroad Vienna European Society & Culture program is ideal for students with less than 2 years of college-level German who have an interest in European society and culture from an Austrian perspective.  The program also offers an internship option, language partner exchange, and several field trips to locations in Austria and to other parts of Europe.


  • Full Year
  • Fall
  • Winter/Spring


Admission Info:
To apply, Northwestern students must: 

  1. Complete an NU Study Abroad Application by the appropriate deadline
  2. Complete an IES Abroad application by the program's deadline

Languages: English, German

Language Requirements: 

One year or the equivalent of college-level German.  This is a Northwestern requirement.  (IES does not require any prior language study; students in McCormick and Music are exempt from this language requirement).


Shared apartments and residence halls

Program Costs: 

Fall 2014: $29,505

Billed by Northwestern: $16,790

  • Tuition: $14,290
  • SAAF: $2,500

Estimated additional costs: $12,715

  • Housing: $4,460
  • Meals: $3,800
  • Airfare: $1,400
  • Local transportation: $375
  • Books & supplies: $250
  • Personal expenses: $1,950
  • Visa & fees: $135
  • IES insurance: $200
  • HTH: $145


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