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Berlin: Language & Area Studies

Berlin: Language & Area Studies website  (map)

Sponsor: IES Abroad

Location: Berlin, Germany


This program draws upon Berlin's rich culture and tradition to connect coursework subjects with the living history of the city, situated at the crossroads between eastern and western Europe. The program offers IES Abroad courses taught in German by German faculty, as well as access to classes at a number of Berlin universities, including the renowned Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Credit bearing internships in a variety of fields are also available.

Program Type: Affiliated


  • Full Year
  • Fall
  • Winter/Spring

Term Notes: The German Department and the Study Abroad Office strongly encourage students to study abroad in Germany for the full year. If students can only study abroad in Germany for one term, they are encouraged to do so during the Winter/Spring Quarters because they are better prepared in terms of language, and they can enroll in regular university courses.


  • Full Year students must take at least one “regular” University course taught in German for local university students during the Fall and two regular courses during the Winter/Spring Quarters.
  • Winter/Spring Quarters-only students must take one “regular” University course taught in German for local university students.
  • Read Internships and Service Learning for specific information about earning credit for internships.

Admission Info:
To apply, Northwestern students must: 

  1. Complete an NU Study Abroad Application by the appropriate deadline
  2. Complete an IES Abroad application by the program's deadline

Languages: German

Language Requirements: 

2 years or the equivalent of college-level German


Single rooms with local hosts in apartments and homes.
Meals not included.

Program Costs: 

Fall 2015: $28,310

Billed by Northwestern: $17,960

  • Tuition: $15,400
  • SAAF: $2,560

Estimated additional costs: $10,350

  • Housing & insurance: $3,590
  • Meals: $3,200
  • Airfare: $1,200
  • Local transportation: $100
  • Books & supplies: $175
  • Personal expenses: $2,000
  • Residence permit: $85

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