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Monitoring World Events

The Study Abroad Office works in concert with the Office of Global Safety and Security to regularly monitor various open-source news reports and U.S. Department of State travel information, such as Emergency Messages, Travel Alerts and Travel Warnings as well as information provided by our evacuation assistance provider, Drum Cussac, and our security information provider, International SOS. If the information could impact the health or safety of students in a location, we may do one or more of the following:

Gather information and assess the situation

  • Contact regional security analysts at the U.S. Department of State, the Overseas Security Advisory Council, Drum Cussac, International SOS, or other security information providers to obtain additional information.
  • Contact health and safety experts at our peer institutions operating in the same location to share information and compare assessments as well as possible courses of action.
  • Contact the U.S. offices of the study abroad programs located in the affected countries. 
  • Contact our partner universities abroad to gather more information and learn their recommendations. In the case of our summer programs, we contact the faculty directors in the affected countries. Directors and universities abroad, in turn, may be in touch with the local Embassy or Consulate.
  • When conditions warrant programmatic changes or possible suspension, steps are taken as outlined in Program Modifications or Suspensions due to Health and Safety Concerns.

Contact students

Once we have assessed the situation as thoroughly as possible, we contact our outbound students and students abroad to provide information, which generally includes copies of International SOS or U.S. Department of State announcements, along with recommended steps for students to take abroad.