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Study Abroad Health Insurance

Northwestern University requires all study abroad students to have HTH Worldwide health insurance coverage for the entire period of time they are studying abroad, regardless of any other coverage they might have through their parents, Northwestern, or their study abroad program (even if their program provides insurance coverage).

Step 1: Find rates and learn about HTH insurance.

Step 2: Purchase HTH insurance (NU's HTH policy is renewed annually; Summer and Fall/Full-Year study abroad participants who need to purchase HTH should wait until after May 1 to do so)

For more information:

Note: Maintain domestic health care coverage while abroad. Northwestern University requires all full-time students to have health insurance coverage during enrollment. Because HTH applies only while abroad, not while in the United States, study abroad participants are strongly encouraged to maintain domestic health insurance coverage while abroad to avoid any gaps in coverage. This is particularly important in case a medical emergency abroad requires the student to return home early for continued treatment or recovery.


Certain Study Abroad Programs
Some study abroad programs will facilitate the enrollment of their participants in HTH Worldwide coverage; therefore, participants in those programs need not enroll themselves. Currently, this applies to students who are participating in programs sponsored by:

  • Northwestern's Office of International Program Development (IPD)
  • Northwestern's Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI)
  • The following programs administered by Northwestern's Study Abroad Office: Barcelona Summer Program, Bonn Summer Program, Istanbul Summer Program, Munich Nanotechnology Summer Program, and Prague Summer Program
  • Arcadia University (Note: Students attending Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand are required to purchase HTH through Northwestern.)
  • Bologna Consortial Studies Program (BCSP)
  • Middlebury Schools in China, Latin America & the Middle East
  • Sarah Lawrence: The British American Drama Academy

If you are attending a study abroad program that is not on this list, but have verified that your program requires HTH, please contact Julie Friend.

Students Studying in Country of Citizenship
Students who study abroad in their country of citizenship are not required or eligible to purchase HTH.  This includes international students. Please contact Julie Friend if you have any questions about your status.

Any students with dual citizenship should call the Study Abroad Office at (847) 467-6400 to determine whether or not HTH is required.