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A record number of U.S. students are choosing to study abroad, reflecting a strong commitment to the value of an international academic experience to prepare them to live and work in a more global society. Following the trend, in 2010-11 more than 730 Northwestern students studied abroad - approximately 31% of the 2012 graduating class - primarily on one of our over 130 Northwestern and affiliated programs!

Northwestern offers programs in countries all over the world in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and the Americas. Some programs are university-based, meaning that students live in one place and take university courses. Other programs are field-based, meaning that they focus more on fieldwork and independent research projects. Some programs specialize in a particular area of study--for example, music, classics, environmental science, or social justice--while others are general programs, with a full range of university and program course offerings.

Each program was approved by the University Study Abroad Committee and Study Abroad Risk Assessment Committee and is evaluated on a regular basis. Northwestern believes they are of high quality in terms of academic standards, housing, cultural immersion, and administrative support services.