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Important Considerations

These resources will inform you about the process that your student will go through to study abroad.

Access detailed instructions, advice and explanations of Northwestern policies and procedures in our Study Abroad Guide:

  • Academics
    Study abroad is an academic endeavor. Learn about the process of choosing courses, taking part in internships and research opportunities, and receiving credit for work completed abroad.
  • Money Matters
    Find information about the tuition and fees for study abroad, along with procedures for billing and payment. Options for financial aid and scholarships are provided.
  • Health and Safety
    Northwestern monitors world events and provides strategies for staying safe abroad. Read suggestions for helping your student maintain physical and mental health abroad, and find information about Northwestern’s HTH health insurance requirement.
  • Identity and Diversity
    As students explore their study abroad options, they'll want to consider aspects of their identity and how these may be perceived and treated in the cultures they'll be spending time in. This section explores gender, LGBTQ, disability, race, and ethnicity considerations while abroad.