• Computer generated image of gravitational waves

    For the second time in history, an international team of scientists and engineers, including Northwestern University astrophysicists and a laser scientist, has detected gravitational waves -- ripples in the fabric of spacetime -- and a pair of colliding black holes.

  • Trisha Brown dancer performs at the Arts Circle celebrations

    Representing the next chapter in Northwestern's long history of arts excellence, the Arts Circle is a geographical location and a state of mind, embracing arts programming across the University's many disciplines. The Arts Circle daylong celebration June 4 will feature dance, music and other artistic events on the southeast portion of the Evanston campus.

  • NUVC presenter shows off his device

    Two Northwestern University student startups, The Graide Network and SurgiNet, tied for first place at the eighth annual Northwestern University Venture Challenge (NUVC) finals held June 2. Each winner went home with $20,000.

  • Big data surrounding the globe

    The tsunami of data pouring into Northwestern today, powered by extraordinary recent advances in computer speed and capacity, is transforming scholarship and changing the way this institution conducts research, teaches students, solves problems, promotes learning and extends the frontiers of human knowledge.

  • Computer Science

    With student demand and research opportunities in computer science skyrocketing, Northwestern University today announced it will hire an additional 20 faculty members and substantially expand its commitment to this field in the years ahead. The University is making initial investments in advance of fundraising to support the overall effort, which is expected to exceed $150 million.

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