Spring 2015

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Reader Feedback

In your last issue there was a wonderful eulogy for James Foley [“Passings,” page 60, winter 2014], who was murdered by ISIS in Syria. However, you mentioned that prior to his journalism career he had volunteered with Teach for America.
James Foley did not volunteer. Rather, he was recruited at Northwestern by Teach for America, just as I was recruited in 1993. We both took extensive graduate coursework to become certified teachers who formally taught students and were paid to do so. According to the Teach for America alumni magazine, he began teaching in 1996 and then spent four years as an elementary school teacher in Phoenix, where he made “an indelible impression on students.”
Before taking on global challenges, James was dedicated to promoting educational equity here at home.
Samina Hadi-Tabassum ’93
Oak Park, Ill.

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Class Note of the Day

Geneviève Aron Steidtmann ’93 of St. Louis wrote Twisted Straight: Finding My Self in the Middle (CreateSpace, 2014). Written under the pseudonym Elizabeth E. Zerman, the memoir is an intensely personal story of a woman who finds herself in the closet with her gay husband. Much of the story takes place at Northwestern, where Steidtmann first met Dean A. Carpenter ’93, whom she dated and later married. They later divorced but remain friends. Steidtmann remarried 10 years ago, and she and her husband, David, have a 6-year-old daughter, Lauren. Steidtmann has become an outspoken activist for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights after her experience of being married to a gay man.

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