Strategic Planning

Proposed NU Sustainability Council Composition and Agenda

  • Even mix of academic and operational leadershipParticipants
  • Representation from schools with greatest expertise and most significant potential impact
Proposed council schedule:
  • Summer ‘12 – Outreach to faculty and staff from President, VP, Provost
  • Sept/Oct ‘12 – Kick-off meeting – Agree on charter, timing, and create working groups (faculty, staff and students)
  • Nov/Dec ‘12 – Develop proposed vision and target areas for goals (faculty, staff and students)
  • Jan/Feb ‘13 – Meet with working groups to agree on draft goals, present to President, Vice-President and Provost



*SEED, ESW, 2 ASG, Kellogg, Grad – WCAS or McCormick

Proposed Governance Structure

The strategic plan for sustainability will be created through the guidance and support of a Sustainability Council and through the development and facilitation of working groups to assess the goals and opportunities in key areas.

Proposed Working Groups are:

  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Transportation and Services
  • Curriculum and Research
  • Student, Faculty, Staff and Community Engagement
  • Governance, Policy and Reporting

In addition, based on preliminary assessment of opportunities, each Working Group will create and support Project Teams designed to assess and impact priority areas.