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Green Cup 2012


Green Cup is a month-long competition which challenges Northwestern University students living in campus residence halls and Greek housing to reduce energy and water use. GC is a student driven initiative with SEED (Students for Ecological & Environmental Development) leading the effort. The first Green Cup was held in 2006 when students approached Facilities Management with the idea. For 2012, Northwestern also will compete in a similar national competition, the Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN), from Feb. 8 to 29. Schools across the country will compete in this national challenge to reduce campus energy use by one gigawatt-hour. For this competition each residence hall will have a ‘dashboard’ web site to monitor participation. Check it out at

The goal of Green Cup is to engage students in behavior change and give them a better understanding of the impact of daily activities. Simple changes and increased awareness can significantly reduce water and electricity consumption. Scoring is based on a per person percent reduction in usage as compared to an established baseline usage for the individual residence. Prize money for the wining dorms & houses will be donated to the group’s Dance Marathon team.

Green Cup is supported by the Office of Sustainability (FM), Student Affairs, and the Initiative on Sustainability & Energy at Northwestern (ISEN). Sodexo, NU Athletics and Norris Outdoors also partner to host events. See the Green Cup calendar for event details.

Green Cup Info

energy and water saving tips

Here's a list of ten simple things you can do to conserve water & energy:

1. Take shorter showers.
2. Turn off the shower when brushing your teeth and shaving.
3. Only wash full loads of laundry and use cold water.
4. Enable sleep mode on your computer and reduce screen brightness.
5. Close window shades at night to maintain heat.
6. Hang clothes to dry instead of using the dryer.
7. Switch to efficent light bulbs and use task lighting.
8. Turn off lights when not needed.
9. Use a power strip to make powering down chargers and electronics easier.
10. Study together in common areas and use fewer lights per person.

You can download this list and other helpful tips here. PDF

Use this list as a reminder to turn off & unplug when leaving your room:

  • Lights
  • Radio/stereo
  • Game system
  • Chargers
  • Computer
  • TV/DVD/etc.
  • Printer
  • Fan

Better yet, use a power strip for a one-click power down.
You can download this list in a helpful post-it note form here. PDF


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Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN)

Don’t live on campus but want to participate in your own energy conservation competition? Check out the CUB Energy Saver Challenge. Individuals who are ComEd customers may register for this free Energy Saver program which helps to reduce home energy bills, allows you to track progress and even offers rewards for energy-saving actions.