Billing and Payment Procedures


Facilities Management’s services are billed weekly, using the Job Cost functionality in the FAMIS system.

Understanding the FAMIS billing process:

  • The FAMIS system creates journal entries to charge the appropriate accounts and requisitions.
  • Each work order is given an eight-digit tracking number beginning with “WO;” if you have questions about charges on your statement, you will need to reference the work order number.

The Cognos reporting tool can generate a variety of reports via the NU Portal, which address Facilities Management charges:

  • FM008 - Job Cost - FAMIS Billing Summary
    This summary report identifies three basic categories of charges:
    • Facilities Management labor
    • Facilities Management material
    • Contractor- or vendor-provided services and supplies

You can filter the report by chartstring piece to determine charges.

Other reports:

  • FM009 - Job Cost Labor Detail
  • FM010 - Job Cost Materials Detail Report
  • FM011 - Job Cost Work Order Detail Report
  • FM012 - Facilities Invoice Detail
  • FM026 - Job Cost - FAMIS Billing Summary (Extended)

Paying for Services

Facilities Management will charge directly to NU Financials chartstrings.