University Police Department Relocation

Project Status

Completed: September 2013

Project Description & Statistics

Northwestern University intends to relocate the NU Police Department from its current location at 1819 Hinman Avenue to 1201 Davis in Evanston.

Located at the corner of Ridge Avenue and Davis Street in Evanston, 1201 Davis was the former home of the Methodist Pension Board, and was recently purchased by Northwestern to house administrative departments.

Two separate buildings were linked by a new central atrium in the early 1990s to create the existing building of 134,216 gross square feet.  The structure is steel frame construction with limestone cladding, and includes three above-grade levels, a garden level and two garage levels, accessed via two speed ramps on the north side of the site. The main mechanical spaces are located on the garden level.  The Office of Alumni Relations and Development moved in July 2012 and will occupy approximately 58,000 usable square feet on the first, second, and third floors of the building. The balance of the space will be occupied by Northwester’s University Police Department (UP). 

 University Police provides a range of law enforcement functions in support of the Evanston and Chicago campus operations. It is intended that this move will take advantage of existing building configurations in the new location to provide a contemporary police facility with sufficient technology, security, and services. By agreement with the City of Evanston, this facility will not be considered an essential facility per the IBS 2003 Edition; In case of a building emergency, the Police functions will be transferred to the City of Evanston Police Station or Chicago Police Stations.

The UP facility will be designed to operate 24 hour-per-day, 365 days-per-year and provide a robust level of security for its operations.  Currently the main entrance to the building is located along Davis Street and serves the Alumni Relations office. It is our intent to build a second public entrance along Davis Street to serve the Police Department and separate the two departments.

The UP will be operating dispatch, 911 emergency calls, CCTV monitoring, and intrusion alarm monitoring, the Communications Suite will be designed to NFPA 1221, 2010 edition, requirements that will influence the design and construction of the suite, utilities, fire protection, emergency power and security.

The UP facility will be a mission critical facility for NU, the ability to institute and maintain a high degree of security control and monitoring of the access to and through the facility will require some combination of active security technology (CCTV, sensors, recording, access control, etc.) and passive security design (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) to create a robust security environment.

Project Team

Project Management

Ron Nayler, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
Bonnie Humphrey, Director Facilities Management Design & Construction
Elena Romero Jensen, Project Manager

Architect, Engineers & Consultants

FGM Architects

General Contractor

Pepper Construction

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All questions or complaints should be directed to:

Elena Romero Jensen, Project Manager
Northwestern University
Facilities Management Design & Construction
2020 Ridge Avenue
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone:  847-491-3677
Fax: 847-491-3869