Maintenance & Construction Alerts


Campus construction overview

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These location have construction
that may interfere with pedestrian
and/or vehicular traffic.

North Campus Drive
Beginning May 29, 2013
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Sheridan Rd steam piping
through April 2014
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Construction work by Bobb
Starting Monday, October 21, 2013, there will be a new predestrian path in front of Bobb Resdidence Hall. This is to allow for the replacement of steam pipes. There will be no interruption of steam service. Work should be completed by November 1, 2013. For details contact Charles Davidson at 847-467-2633.
On Monday, April 29, 2013, construction will begin on the Technological Institute J-Wing Infill. A fence will be installed which will curtail all public access between H Wing and K wing on South Tech Drive until the completion of the project in early of 2015. Additionally, all truck access to the Tech loading dock will need to enter from Sheridan road down South Tech Drive and exit back to Sheridan road. There will be no truck access to the loading dock from North Tech Drive. [Click here for map.]
No parkingParking lot closes on February 7
The parking lot west of the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion/Norris Aquatics Center will be closed starting February 7, 2013, when construction of a new multi-use facility on that site gets underway. See the full announcement and a parking map