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Stored Value (VISA) Card Program

Stored Value Card

Research Payment Card Request Procedure:
  1. Fill out the Research Payment Card Request Form
  2. Make sure the form the form is approved and signed by the department administrator
  3. E-mail the form to Melissa Lang
  4. Once the form is received the cards the cards will be assigned and loaded and ready to pick up on the requested date
  5. An e-mail will be sent to notify the requestor
  6. Go the appropriate office to pick up the cards (Chicago or Evanston DS)
  7. Bring your wild card and the original request form
  8. You will be given a Release Form that will list the package ID for the range of cards given and the total amount of cards given to be signed by the person picking up the cards with their wild card
  9. You will be given the card(s) in a sealed envelope with the package ID showing in window of the envelope
  10. Departments will use the package ids as a way to track what payment was given to which participant


Research Payment Card Request Form