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Procurement Card Program

Mary Kay Hallissey
Procurement Card Administrator     

Accounting Services/ProcurementCard

619 Clark Street, Room 110
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: (847) 491-5340
Email: m-hallissey@northwestern.edu

Aaron Whetstone
Staff Accountant 

Accounting Services/ProcurementCard

619 Clark Street, Room 110
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: (847) 467-0749
Email: a-whetstone@northwestern.edu

The Procurement Card Program is intended to streamline and simplify the Purchasing and Accounts Payable functions by eliminating waste and low value activities. The Procurement Card is a tool that reduces transaction costs, facilitates timely acquisition of materials and supplies and automates data flow for accounting purposes.

The Procurement Card Program is designed as an alternative to a variety of processes including petty cash, check requests and low dollar purchase orders.The card is not used for travel and entertainment purposes. The Procurement Card Program is not intended to avoid or bypass appropriate procurement of payment procedures.Rather, the Program complements the existing processes available.

To partipate in the Program, Accounting Services must first establish the program within the School or Administrative Office. The School or Administrative Office must then approve the departments that will be enrolled in the Procurement Card program.

Departments may not participate in the Program without approval from the the Dean's Office or the Vice President's Office of the Division. The Dean's and Vice President's Offices should email their requests to Mary Kay Hallissey (m-hallissey@northwestern.edu).

The Office of Residential Life must approve Fraternities and Sororities. The Office of Residential Life must approve Fraternities and Sororities. Contact the Greek Coordinator at 10 Scott Hall, Evanston Campus. The Department or House Corporation will in turn approve individual participants to the Program.

Purchases are charged via jounal upload to the default expense account(s) established by the school or department. Grant accounts may not be used as default accounts. Cardholders and Managers who complete training and have proper access can view and make account allocation changes online at PaymentNet.


Cardholder Guide

Monthly Upload Calendar

Merchant Category Code (MCC) Groups


Cardholder Agreement

Request Permanent Transaction Limit Increase 

Transaction Log

Training Materials:

Cardholder Training Presentation

Cardholder Quick Reference (training handout)

School Specific Materials:

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