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June 12th - June 18th

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Non-UAAC Events

The events listed below are provided for informational purposes only. The UAAC does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of these events.

UQ Ochsner Upcoming Events

Meet the Dean Information Session

Meet the Dean Information Session

If you have any questions or need assistance, email info@mededpath.org

Attention Florida Residents: Medical Career Awareness Workshops and Student Recruitment Fair

Saturday, June 20th at the InterContinental Miami

Open to all college and high school students, parents, pre-health advisors, school administrators, and other interested individuals.

FREE Student Registration


The Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) will launch on May 13th. AAVMC has released dates for all three of their monthly webinar series and added a VMCAS Workshop Webinar series this year. Below is a description of all of their webinars, and a link to register.

“The Road to Veterinary School”
Target: College Freshmen & Sophomore
Summary: Learn how to prepare for the VMCAS application and find out what you should be doing during your early undergraduate career leading up to graduate school

“Applying to Veterinary School”
Target: All VMCAS Applicants
Summary: The VMCAS 2016 application cycle brings many changes. This webinar series will keep you "in the know" before, during and after the VMCAS 2016 cycle. If you're applying to veterinary school this cycle, you'll want to sign up for these webinars!

“VMCAS 2016 Workshop Webinars”
Target:  All VMCAS Applicants
(Note: The workshop webinars will replace the “Applying to Veterinary School” series during the application cycle)
Summary: Join VMCAS for a VMCAS 2016 Application Workshop. Come ask questions about the application, troubleshoot, and generally learn about the application process.

To register for ANY of these webinars and to see the full list of offerings, please go to the AAVMC website.

Suny Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine Information Session

July 22nd, 2015
10:00-2:00pm at Alumni Atrium, 395 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, NY

For College Juniors, Seniors and College Graduates interested in Medical School. The information sessions will cover: curriculum overview, admissions information, meet the current students and tour of the campus. For more information visit: sls.gownstate.edu/openhouse

AAMC Career Fair on June 20th in Miami, FL - Student Registration OPEN

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) will be hosting a Medical Career Awareness Workshop and Student Recruitment Fair on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at the InterContinental Miami. This event is designed for high school and college students, parents, pre-health advisors, school administrators, and other individuals interested learning more about a career in medicine.

For further details including student registration, please visit the medical career fair website.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Lisa Jennings at MiamiRecruitmentFair@aamc.org

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Education Virtual Fair: July 14

The first Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Virtual Fair is scheduled on July 14 and will also be free to pre-PTA students and advisors.  Learn more and register.

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Internship, Volunteer, Fellowship, & Job Opportunities

The opportunities listed below are provided for informational purposes only. The UAAC does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of these positions.

Gap Year Opportunity: One year MS program in Nutrition

The Institute of Human Nutrition (IHN) at Columbia University offers a one-year MS program in Nutrition. 

What does the IHN have to offer?

Classes start August 31st; click here to begin the application.

Want more information?

Sign up for our next webinar on June 17th, at 12:00noon

Visit their website for details or contact MS Program Director Sharon R. Akabas, PhD  at sa109@columbia.edu or call (914) 629-1631.

Post Grad Job Opportunity- Research Technician

This opportunity is for a Research Technician within a multidisciplinary research group investigating basic mechanisms of bone cell biology and translational approaches to the study of orthopedic and musculoskeletal pathologies. This position is in a basic science lab that operates out of The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, which enables the bench research to directly inform clinical application.

The Research Technician will be responsible for two different projects: one is an observational clinical project funded by a pharmaceutical company and the other is NIH-funded. Responsibilities will include conducting experiments within the general areas of cellular and molecular biology, under the direct supervision of the laboratory PI, maintaining accurate written and computer records, participation in lab meetings, management of the laboratory and ordering of supplies. Laboratory techniques will include maintaining mouse colonies, isolation of primary cells from mice, cell culture, isolation and analysis of protein and nucleic acid samples and flow cytometry processing of blood samples. Familiarity with these techniques is an advantage, but not required. Minimum requirements are a college degree in an appropriate discipline, and a willingness to adapt to the changing needs of the various ongoing projects within the lab.

New hire will start in June. Interested applicants should send resumes to PurdueE@hss.edu 

MS or PhD Position Opening Fall 2015

The department of Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Illinois at Urbana is interested in recruiting a graduate student for either their Master or PhD program.The open position is in their laboratory of one of their young faculty members who is a Pathologist. Her research program centers on investigating the pathogenesis and local host-pathogen interactions of infectious respiratory diseases, particularly focusing on influenza virus infections. This work will help to establish the dog as an excellent model for understanding local respiratory host response to viral infection in humans, as dogs have a similar constellation of viruses and bacteria that lead to frequent upper respiratory infections. Specific experiments related to this project will involve culture and manipulation of ex-vivo respiratory tissues, virology techniques such as virus isolation, propagation, and titering, ELISA, and gene expression via real-time PCR.

Please send updated resume and cover letter to Mariangela Segre: m0segre@illinois.edu

Summer Volunteer Internship: Pulmonology

Dr. Steven Boas, Pediatric Pulmonologist in Glenview and NU faculty at Fienberg, is looking for a current pre-med student interested in a volunteer internship this summer.

This project-based opportunity focuses on the development of an educational tool to assist office technologists. The intern would work directly under a supervision and create a modular approach (Powerpoint presentation, development of quizzes, etc.) for Pulmonary Function Testing. The student would need to have a basic background in Biology and/or Human Physiology.

Hours are varied but anticipate 3-5 days a week on a flexible schedule over the summer. Applications will be accepted on a competitive basis. Send a cover letter and resume to sboas@wecare4lungs.com 

AG School of Medicine Summer Opportunity

The UAG Medical Spanish program offers a 4-week course where students will learn Spanish medical terminology, experience a new culture, and enjoy the delights of Mexico.

Activities & Benefits include:

Students may be eligible for a $100 USD discount on groups of 3 or more. Group discount form should be endorsed by Pre-med/Pre-Health Advisors (admissions@uag.edu) Students receiving the discount must be enrolled in the same college or university.

Course dates summer 2015: June 15 and July 13.

NARAP Chief Research Associate

At. St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT, the Research Associates (RA) Program still have openings for Chief Research Associates to join in clinical research for that year.  Details about the position and application materials can be found at www.RAProgram.org.  Information about other RA programs at Affiliate hospitals of the National Alliance of Research Associates Programs (NARAP) can be found at www.theNARAP.org.

Dermatology and Skin Care Associates Positions for Gap Year

Dermatology and Skin Care Associates in Wellesley, Massachusetts offers a Gap Year program for students who have completed college and are applying to medical school. This one to two year program is a great opportunity for students seeking to gain medical experience while contributing to the quality and efficiency of the care we deliver to our patients.

Learn more about the positions at  www.dermandskincare.com and Email office manager at Danielle@dermandskincare.com

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships

Fulbright English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) are placed in classrooms abroad to assist in strengthening English language instruction, while providing insights on American culture. Participants experience intensive, cross-cultural interaction in international educational settings. Placements vary widely, but in most cases, ETAs are placed outside of capital cities. Host institutions range from elementary and secondary schools to university-level language departments. The grant period corresponds to the academic year in the host country. Applicants may only apply to one country. Some countries require no foreign language skills.

Application Deadline: September 8, 2015 

Northwestern ETA Campus Contact: Amy Kehoe amy.kehoe@northwestern.edu

Information and Application Form: http://us.fulbrightonline.org/

Information Sessions, all at 12:00 noon in the Office of Fellowships, 1940 Sheridan:

Tuesday, June 16
Thursday, June 18

Countries Offering Fulbright ETA Awards in the 2016-2017 Competition:

Oak Street Health Clinical Informatics Specialist (“Ninja”) Job

Oak Street Health is hiring Clinical Informatics Specialists to assist in supporting the clinical experience in their clinics and obtaining/structuring/employing data to the benefit of their patients. Read more information about the program overview and job description.

Research Assistant Internship: Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern

The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine (OCIM) at Northwestern is currently seeking students to volunteer as research assistants for a study on Integrative Medicine called PRIMIER (Patients Receiving Integrative Medicine Interventions Effectiveness Registry).  Student interns will be responsible for recruiting and enrolling participants for PRIMIER by approaching patients in the OCIM waiting room. They will also be involved in tracking patient enrollment, interacting with the clinic staff, medical assistants, and physicians when necessary.

View full Internship responsibilities.

For more information, visit the study website. If interested in the position, please contact the study coordinator, Stephanie Schuette, at stephanie.schuette@northwestern.edu

University of Colorado School of Medicine Pre-Med Emergency & Wilderness Medicine Program

The two week program, taught by School of Medicine faculty, includes Emergency Department shadowing, EMS ride-alongs, ultrasound and suturing labs, CPR certification, optional WFR certification, and nearly a week at a camp in the Rockies.  To register or to learn more please talk to fellow students who have previously attended the program or check out the program website. Program runs from August 9th - August 21st.

Atlantis Project: Hospital Internships

The Atlantis Project is still accepting applications for hospital internships in Spain and the Azores Islands of Portugal. Atlantis Fellows shadow local health professionals, improve language skills, explore the beautiful program locations, and give back to the community by teaching English to local residents.

Emergency Physician Scribe Job Opportunity

 View Job Description.

NIH IRTA Research Fellowship

The NIH Postbac IRTA program (CRTA, Cancer Research Training Award, in the National Cancer Institute) provides recent college graduates who are planning to apply to graduate or professional (medical/dental/pharmacy) school an opportunity to spend one or two years performing full-time research at the NIH. Postbac IRTAs/CRTAs work side-by-side with some of the leading scientists in the world, in an environment devoted exclusively to biomedical research. Prospective candidates must apply online. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply three to six months before they wish to begin their training at the NIH.  The program has no fixed start date.

Full Time Research Assistant - NU Feinberg School of Medicine

Research experience is not required. The position involves assisting with a variety of research related tasks, data entry, and some data collection. They are looking for dedicated, hard-working, conscientious individuals who work well in a team and can work comfortably with older men and women who may have ongoing medical problems. Competitive hourly compensation.  If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to Amanda Auerbach (a-auerbach@northwestern.edu).

Mary Stankovich Animal Shelter Caretaker/Vet Tech Assistant

The Mary Stankovich Animal Shelter is in need of a caretaker for cleaning and medicating cats. The shelter is hiring for  full-time or part time positions. The full-time hours average of 37 hours/week. This is a very physically demanding job. You must be able to lift 25lbs and able to stand on your feet for most of the day. It requires a special individual who doesn't mind getting dirty or working with cleaning chemicals. As well as one who can work well around animals and people. Animal handling skills or previous animal experience is required. Good interpersonal skills & an ability to create a fun work environment are a plus. View full job description here. If interested email your resume to jojopacheco@gmail.com .Put Caretaking in subject line & indicate the times of day you are available.

Research Assistant for the Autism & Development Disabilities Research Program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

The Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, directed by Dr. John Sweeney, has multiple ongoing research projects investigating cognitive and sensorimotor abilities and their underlying brain systems in individuals with Autism, Fragile X Syndrome and related neurodevelopmental disorders.  These clinical research projects are conducted through the center’s clinical assessment and treatment services, providing many opportunities for active involvement in patient evaluations and discussions. 

Responsibilities for the position include administering neuropsychological, eye movement, MRI and EEG testing, scoring cognitive and sensorimotor test data, data entry, preparing  Institutional Review Board (IRB) reports, and participating in meetings reviewing and interpreting data, preparing manuscripts, and planning future studies.  This position provides the opportunity to gain experience working with clinical populations, developing skills in psychological and neuropsychological testing, and participating in each phase of the research process within large-scale, NIH funded research studies.  The majority of previous RAs in these positions have successfully gone on to pursue training in medical school, clinical psychology programs, and cognitive neuroscience programs. Applicants should have a BA or BS in Psychology, Neuroscience or a related pre-health field. Interested persons are asked to make at least a 2 year commitment due to the extensive training required.

Interested individuals should send a resume or CV and a brief cover letter stating your career goals and any relevant background information to autism@utsouthwestern.edu

National Student Leadership Conference on Medicine and Health Care: Team Advisor Positions

Team Advisors (TAs) act as facilitators, presenters, simulation monitors, and resident advisors. The job of a TA encompasses the role of a chaperone, teacher, mentor, and policy enforcer. As a TA, you will facilitate and supervise a group of 12‐16 students. Many TAs will also lead activities, simulations, and lectures attended by all students.  Working with your TA group is an amazing experience as you watch your students make friends for life and experience the world of medicine in a personal way. This is a unique opportunity to serve as a mentor and role model for talented young students and share your passion for and knowledge of the sciences, medicine, and health care.  Team Advisors arrive on‐site 3‐4 days before students arrive in order to participate in orientation and training and stay for at least two 10‐day sessions in Washington, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Seattle or San Francisco.

Applications are now being accepted. Please visit http://www.nslcleaders.org/jobs for more information, and see this flyer for details.

Chicagoland Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp Volunteer Opportunity

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is looking to recruit about 90 volunteers for their Summer Camp program. The program for kids ages 6-17 who are diagnosed with a muscle disease.  MDA camp is offered at no cost and provides a fun and safe camping experience, along with opportunities to participate in a variety of activities. MDA relies on the support and dedication of volunteer counselors who serve as a “buddy” for the week, push wheelchairs, lift and transfer kids and provide assistance with activities as needed. They also participate in activities with the campers.

This year's Chicagoland MDA Camp is being held from Saturday, June 13th through Friday, June 19th at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center in Hudson, IL.  Pre-camp training is provided to all volunteers, meals will be provided and the MDA will verify 144 hours of volunteer service. For more information, please see the attached flyer and FAQ sheet. Other questions can be directed to Hayley Opgenorth at (312) 873-1440 or hopgenorth@mdausa.org

Research Assistants: The Affective & Clinical Neuroscience Lab

The Affective & Clinical Neuroscience Lab is looking for undergraduates Research Assistants to assist in collecting MRI data. Students would gain hands-on experience with MRI sessions, including:

Contact kate.damme@u.northwestern.edu for more information.

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Resources & Opportunities

The opportunities listed below are provided for informational purposes only.  The UAAC does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of these positions.

New Tool for VMCAS 2016 Rolled Out

The VMCAS 2016 cycle open! VMCAS developed a new electronic knowledge base system with key features:


September MCAT Exams Now Open 

Registration for the for September MCAT exam dates is now open. Registration for September exam dates opened on Thursday, April 23, and registration for May-June dates have been open since February 11. Please note that the MCAT exam will also be offered on September 23rd. 

Registration Toolkit includes additional information on registration as well as the test day, test prep resources, and scoring. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail mcat2015@aamc.org or advisors@aamc.org.

MCAT Preparation

The MCAT web site also provides the following preparation materials:

What's on the MCAT Exam?

AAMC Official MCAT Question Pack

The online Question Packs use the computer-based testing format and features of the actual MCAT exam.  Plus your Score Report provides additional information to make the Question Pack an effective study tool. Your purchase allows you to take the “test” up to 20 times, giving you many opportunities to improve on those skills or question types that you’ve identified to be most challenging. Get more details at www.aamc.org/mcatquestionpacks. If you have questions about placing your order, please call Publications staff at 202-828-0416.

Northwestern Summer Internship Grant Program

The Summer Internship Grant Program (SIGP) exists to empower Northwestern undergraduate students to gain professional experience without financial frustration. This is achieved through receiving $3,000 towards an unpaid summer internship and participating in a variety of Northwestern Career Advancement designed career development programs and projects.

Any Northwestern undergraduate student who meets all of the following criteria:

For an overview of the application process and more information Visit the SIGP website. For specific questions, please contact sigp@northwestern.edu.

CAPS Wellness & Performance Enhancement Workshops

See the CAPS workshop flyer for information on workshops offered on the Evanston and Chicago Campuses this Spring.

Northwestern Career Advancement/Career Development Fund 

The Northwestern Career Advancement Career Development Fund will provide funding to support the career needs of undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need.  This program is collaboration between NCA and the Northwestern Undergraduate Budget Priorities committee, who provided the financial support to launch this initiative.  

Students can apply to receive funding to support the following career development pursuits:

An application and more information can be accessed at this link on their website.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year as funds are available.

2015 MCAT Practice Test Review

While there are no required courses for the MCAT exam, your undergraduate coursework should help you develop an understanding of the concepts tested on the new exam and give you practice with the skills you will be responsible for knowing and applying on the MCAT exam. Check out AAMC resources to help you prepare.

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Courses of Interest

The recommended Biology sequence for pre-med students is changing!

The Biology department will be changing the way in which the Biology sequence is offered, beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year. Cell Biology, currently Bio 216, will be offered as Bio 219. Biochemistry, currently Bio 218, will be offered as Bio 308. The content for both courses will remain the same. Courses will now be offered in the following way throughout the academic year:

Please take note of these changes as you plan your courses, particularly as you consider when you will take the MCAT within your ideal medical school application timeline. The new MCAT has an increased focus on Biochemistry content.

Religion, Health, and Medicine [RHM]

Designed for students with both research and professional interests in medicine and health, this concentration complements undergraduate study in the Global Health program, courses in medical anthropology, and the “Pre-Med” curricular preparation for application to medical schools.  Courses allow students to explore religion in relation to such topics as:  bioethics; medicine and suffering; death and dying; and fertility and reproduction. 

Requirements:  All majors take either Rel 170, “Introduction to Religion” or Rel 171, “The Varieties of Religion,” and they complete Rel 395, “Theories of Religion,” in their junior or senior year. RHM concentration students choose 3 courses from the RHM concentration*, take 5 additional Religious Studies courses (in consultation with department adviser), and take 2 courses from Northwestern’s Global Health Studies Program for a total of 12 credits.  [Study abroad with Global Health also counts.]

*See our website for a detailed listing of courses. First-year (100-level) seminars do not count toward degree credit. All double counting policies apply.

SOC 110: Intro to Sociology

SOC 208: Race & Society

SOC 212 (co-listed w/EPC 212): Environment & Society

SOC 220 – Health, Biomedicine, Culture, & Society (co-listed w/HUM 220)

SOC 311 (co-listed w/EPC 311): Food, Politics, & Society

SOC 356 – Sociology of Gender (co-listed with Gender St 331)

SOC 376 (co-listed w/Gender St 332): Sexuality, Biomedicine, & HIV/AIDS

As always, students should abide by course prerequisite requirements set forth by each department when planning their courses.

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