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Requirements for Programs

Members of the Northwestern community who interact with minors in any capacity are expected to foster and maintain a safe and secure environment for minors. Directors of programs or activities involving minors must take the following steps.

Register the program or activity involving minors

Program directors or administrators must register their program. In order to register a program or activity involving minors, please complete the online registration form. (Note that you will be required to login using a Northwestern NetID.)

Coordinate training for individuals working with minors

Program directors or administrators are responsible for ensuring all staff working in University programs or activities with minors receive required training. Program directors must also ensure that each individual working with minors review the Minors in Programs at Northwestern Policy.

Learn more about and access training. (Note that you will be required to login using a Northwestern NetID.)

Coordinate background checks for relevant individuals working with minors

Once a program director or administrator registers a program or activity using the online registration form, background check requests of program directors, supervisors, and those who regularly spend time alone with minors as part of their job responsibilities or role in a program will be coordinated automatically by the University Compliance Office and Office of Human Resources.

Should individuals be required to undergo a background check after initial program registration, they can request one by emailing At a minimum, requests should include the employee name, employee ID, and email address.

Read more about background checks.