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Positive Results

Evaluation and outcomes from 2014-2015 cohorts:

When asked at the end of the year what skills they had gained, Change Makers were passionate and enthusiastic about their new dialogue skills. Some skills included:

“My proudest moment so far has been changing how I deal with minority students facing academic challenges in a more positive and encouraging manner.”

- 2014-2015 Change Maker

“I am a different person because of my Change Makers (CM) experience.  I thought I understood social justice issues and I certainly believed I was no racist.  Through Change Makers I came to understand, deeply, how another human being's experience of the world can be impacted by their social identity/ties.  Before CM, I was a nice white lady who tried not to stir the pot.  Now, I am determined to be an agent for change.  I speak up.  I engage in difficult conversations that I would have previously avoided.  I look for ways to create equity.  A few years ago, my husband and I went to hear Ta-Nehisi Coates speak at Loyola University.  It was shortly after he wrote his piece, 'The Case for Reparations.'  He said something at the time that really has stuck with me and with my husband.  He said that his eyes are open, and because they are open, he can no longer live in the lie.  I no longer live in the lie that this is a country with equality and justice for all.  I didn't know how uncomfortable I was living in that lie until I was free of it.  Now, I am free to work for change.” 

- 2016-2017 Change Maker

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View a PowerPoint presentation evaluating Change Makers presented at NCORE 2017 by Regina Logan, PhD, Angela Edwards Campbell, MBA, CDP, Alecia Wartowski, JD, EdMClaudia Zapata-Gietl, MA, and Alexandra Adamis.