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Using Our Space

The Women's Center has three spaces between our two campuses that are available to use for meetings, social gatherings, study or work spaces, and places of respite.

Before reaching out to use any spaces for an event, please consider our Space Use Guidelines:

  • Consider making your event or meeting virtual or hybrid if you expect higher attendance than the posted space capacities*.
    • *10 (ten) people for the Chicago community room, 4 (four) people for the Evanston kitchen, 8 (eight) people for the Evanston community room, and 7 (seven) people for the Evanston library.
  • Wear a mask at all times, regardless of vaccination status.
  • No food consumption inside the Evanston building between 9 am and 5 pm. 
  • If removing your mask to eat please check that you have consent from others in the room first. 
  • Use provided supplies to wipe down all used surfaces and dispose of any extra masks. 
  • Please keep your symptom tracker up to date, get vaccinated, and get tested often so we can keep each other safe.


Our Evanston location is located at 2000 Sheridan Road and has two rooms that can be used. Our Community Room is downstairs and our Library is upstairs.

Accessibility: There is no elevator in this building, thus the 2nd floor (including the kitchen) is not wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair accessible entrance on the West side of the building. There are gender open restrooms on both floors of the building.

Community Room

community room view
The Community Room has a couch, four arm chairs and coffee table in the main sitting area.  It is the perfect place for a small meeting.  We also have rolling chairs that can be made into a circle to accommodate groups up to twenty. 
There are two rolling tables on the other side of the room.  Above these tables is a glass board.  We also have a wall mounted tv with HDMI access. The room is set up for Chrome Cast.
community room view


library view
The Library has a couch and four arm chairs around a coffee table in the main sitting area. There is also a long desk in the room that is perfect for catering, laying out materials, or as place to work.
There is plenty of space to bring in extra rolling chairs to seat about 10-12 comfortably. There is no A/V equipment in this room. 
library view


The Chicago Campus Community Room is located at 710 Lake Shore Drive, Abbott Hall 1400

Accessibility: The wheelchair accessible entrance is south of the building on Huron and leads to an elevator bank. Gender open/single gender bathroom available in the Wirtz Center on the 1st floor, which is currently only publicly accessible when the box office is open, or when performances are ongoing. Please plan accordingly.

Community Room

View of Chicago Community Room
Our Chicago office has one large room for groups to meet.  A computer and printer/copier are available for community use at the desk. There is a mini-fridge, a microwave, and a small selection of teas, with yoga mats, cutlery, and cleaning supplies available in the adjacent cabinet.
The room is quite large and has plenty of space to bring rolling chairs into a big circle.  There are approximately 12 available rolling chairs in the room. There are two couches and four armchairs around a coffee table.  There are also three long tables that are perfect to use for catered food or materials.
View of Chicago Community Room and Library

Room Scheduling

To schedule the use of one of our rooms, please contact melisa stephen to check availability.  Both the Evanston and Chicago Campus spaces have a WildCard scanner that we can give you access to the room without staff present.  The Evanston space can be booked during the day or on evenings and weekends.  The Chicago space can only be booked during the day.  The rooms can only be booked by Northwestern affiliates for Northwestern specific events and meetings. 

Lactation Room

Our Evanston campus building has a lactation room on the first floor for nursing parents.  The room can be booked through the Work/Life and Family Resources Department. There is a lactation space adjacent to our Chicago Community Room on the South Side. The room can be booked through the Work/Life and Family Resources Department.