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Manage Users

If you manage a group in PlanIt Purple, you may want to allow other people to add events to your group or edit existing events on that group. There are two roles you can assign to other PlanIt Purple users:

  • Group Manager: Add someone as a manager if you share administrative duties with that person. Managers can add group events, modify existing events, and edit group details (such as the group's name, description, custom URL, default event category, etc.). Managers can also add contributors and managers to your group, and edit these users' roles (changing a user from a contributor to a manager, or vice versa).
  • Event Contributor: Add someone as a contributor if you want them to be able to add and edit events, but not to delete any events or change any group information (such as the group's name, description, custom URL, default event category, etc.).

NOTE: To perform any of the tasks listed on this page, you must first click Add/Manage Events at the top right corner of the PlanIt Purple home page. Log in using your NetID and password if necessary. This will take you to the Dashboard. 

screenshot of Add/Manage Events button

Assign a new user to a group

  1. In the Dashboard, click the name of the group to which you want to add users. This will take you to the group admin panel.
  2. If you want to add a manager to your group, click add manager under the Group Managers heading in the right column of the page. If you want to add a contributor, click add contributor in the Event Contributors section.

    screenshot of user management form
  3. A popup window will ask for the NetID of the manager or contributor you're adding. Type the new user's NetID in the field and click ok. The window will close, and your new user's NetID will appear next to a small icon under either Group Managers or Event Contributors, depending on which type of user you've added.

Change User's role

To grant new administrative privileges to a group user (or reduce a user's privileges) i.e. change their status from Event Contributor to Group Manager or vice versa, you will remove that user from the existing role by clicking on X next to the users NetID and assign them to the new group.

Delete a User

If you need to remove a user's ability to manage or contribute to your group, click on X next to the user's NetID. The user will be removed from the list of group managers and contributors.