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Manage Groups

Your PlanIt Purple group displays information about your group including the group name, a short description of the group, contact information for the group administrator, the group's home page (if any), and the default event category. You can change this information at any time in the group administration panel.

Note: Only the group managers can make changes in the group.

You will see these editable sections on this screen:

Group Title and Description

  1. Go to your dashboard in PlanIt Purple and click on the group that you wish to edit.
  2. To change the group name, click on the name next to the [ edit ] text. An editable text field will open; type the new name of the group in this field and click ok to save your changes.

    screenshot of group name edit field
  3. Right below the group title field, you have the description field. To change the group description, click the existing group description (below the group name) next to the [ edit ] text. An editable text field will open; type the new description of the group in this field and click ok to save your changes.

    screenshot of group description edit field

Primary Group Contact

The group contact information is listed under the Primary Group Contact heading. By default, PlanIt Purple lists the person who created the group. This information is listed next to every event. 

Group Events List URL

The Group Events List URL is the address where only your events are listed. To change your group's web address, click the text next to [ edit ] under the Web Address heading in the middle of the right column. An editable text field will open; type the URL of your group's website in this field and click ok to save the changes.

screenshot of events list URL edit field

Upcoming Events

Any future-dated events listed under your group will be listed under Upcoming Events heading. You can also add an event or edit an existing event here.

Group Managers

Under the Group Managers heading, you will see a list of people assigned to manage the group. This area also allows you to add/delete group managers by NetID. For more details, please see Manage Users page.

Event Contributors

Under the Event Contributors heading, you can see all contributors that have access to this group. Managers will be able to add event contributors using their NetID in this section.

Web Address

If your group has a website, you may list it in the Web Address field. This information is listed next to all events so people can learn more about your group.

Default Event Category

To change the default event category for your group's calendar, simply select a category from the drop-down menu under the Default Event Category header near the bottom of the right column. The default event category is the category into which any new events you create for your group are placed. When creating events, you can always change the category from your group's default category if necessary.

Group Settings

You will see two choices under group settings section:

  • Private: By default, your events will appear in the PlanIt Purple listing. If you prefer to limit who can view your events, you can change  group privacy under Private heading. If your group is private, a special URL is listed. Be aware - anyone with access to this URL can view your group's events.

    • A private group events will not show anywhere on publlic spaces like PlanIt Purple homepage, groups listing or search results.
    • Events posted under a private group can be accessed via the private url only. Users don't need a PlanIt Purple account to see private events.
  • Inactive: If you have not posted events to your group in over 18 months, it may be marked inactive, hiding it from the groups list and feed builder. You can uncheck this box to make your group active again. Please contact PlanIt Purple Help Team if you wish to delete your group.

    screenshot of Inactive checkbox

When you're finished editing these fields, scroll back to the top of the page and click the dashboard tab. Your changes will have already been saved.