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Your Dashboard

To access the Dashboard, visit the PlanIt Purple home page and click the Add/Manage Events button at the top right. Log in using your NetID and password. The first screen you will see is the dashboard, which displays the groups you have access to within PlanIt Purple.

screenshot of a user dashboard

My Groups

Under the My Groups heading, you will see a list of groups that you have access to. If you do not see the group you wish to manage, you must either create the group or request permission to manage the group. See Create a Group and Manage Groups page for more deatils.

Event Feeds

The Event Feeds area allows you to create an XML, Enhanced XML, iCal, or HTML feeds (Simple and Full). You may create the feed from one group's events or you can combine events from multiple groups. Read more about the feed builder here.

Personal Profile

At the top right, you'll see a heading marked Personal Profile. This contains your name and contact information, which PlanIt Purple automatically assigns to any new calendars you create. PlanIt Purple draws your contact information from Northwestern University's directory, and does not keep your information on file. If you wish to change your contact, visit NU Validate.