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Web Steering Committee

The Northwestern University Web Steering Committee was convened in 2000 to develop guidelines and policies for Northwestern University's web presence. Examples of policy issues include privacy, intellectual property, information security, editorial and style guidelines, and commercial activity on the Northwestern web site.

The role of the Web Steering Committee going forward will be to examine strategies for making the most effective use of the web, focusing on innovation and user satisfaction. Committee members will continue to advocate for the web needs of the campus community and ensure that the University's mission and goals are served in short- and long-term web planning. The committee will encourage contributing units (departments, colleges, and programs) to maintain accurate, timely, and effective sites that conform to usability, security, and privacy guidelines. Another critical function of the committee is to serve as a forum for proactively communicating key developments.

The schedule of upcoming meetings is maintained in the Learning Management System. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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