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Release Testing

New releases of Cascade Server are announced on the WCMS-Developers listserv. Web Communications installs the new version to the test server and copies the most recent database at time of announcement from production to the test environment. Before the instance is started, we disable all destinations and e-mail notifications.

What Web Communications does

Web Communications goes through a series of tests to determine if any major functionality has changed. We examine the change logs closely and attempt to break or cause undesirable behavior related to anything that changed in this release. We iterate over a list of functionality in the user interface and in our Web Services scripts. We also closely monitor the Hannon Hill bug tracker to watch for any issues reported by other customers for the new release.

What you can do

In order to test your site(s) in new versions of Cascade, you should attempt to test most major features, including publishing. To test publishing, you will need to go into the test environment, enter the Administration area for your site(s) and enable at least one destination to re-enable publishing.

Because your web server may vary from what Web Communications and other Departments/Schools are using, it is very important for you to test publishing, especially in releases where changes have been made to the publisher.

Finding bugs

If you find an inconsistency in the way your pages are rendering or you find that some functionality is broken, please immediately report it to the developers list or to Web Communications. It is important that Web Communications is aware of any issues you find so that we can monitor them for you and advocate for fixes. It is possible that a newly discovered bug can halt the deployment of a version.

Status of the Testing Server

The test instance is:

No stakeholders are currently involved in testing, therefore, the attached database and Cascade version is subject to change by University Relations at any time. To make special hold requests, contact us at

Please consider data saved into the test instance to be temporary unless you specifically request a hold.