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Web Search

The Office of Web Communications manages the Northwestern University web search service, currently a cloud-hosted instance of SearchBlox. If you are a university webmaster/developer please refer to the information for webmasters. Not finding answers to your questions? Please send questions to

Add or Remove Site From Search Results

Search Tips

The University search service is similar to larger search engines like Google and Bing in that it crawls public content, indexing keywords and phrases. Unlike larger search engines, only Northwestern subdomains are included.

For best results, enter a query that is specific. For example, instead of a general term such as "annual report," narrow your search by including the name of the department that generated the report. By default, SearchBlox uses an OR to join search terms, but you can use AND to join terms that must all be included or wrap a phrase in quotation marks to find an exact match. Wildcards allow matching partial words. For  examples of query syntax, refer to SearchBlox's documentation on searching.