Office of Undergraduate Admission

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Financial Aid

Possibility—the affordability of an undergraduate education at Northwestern—is the theme of this publication. Essential financial aid–related information for prospective students and their families is presented, along with case studies and instructions on how to apply for aid.

Financial Aid

Intro Brochures

These foldout brochures are targeted to high school students who have shown interest in Northwestern. Take One is given out at college fairs and the Segal Visitors Center; Curious? is mailed to prospective applicants. Both pieces convey the Northwestern Direction brand message and present a comprehensive list of majors and other key facts about the undergraduate experience at Northwestern.

Take One brochure Curious brochure

Diversity Brochure (Open Minds)

This publication aims to increase the ethnic and economic diversity of undergraduate applicants—and thus of the Northwestern community. Through personal stories, compelling photography, and bold graphics, Open Minds seeks to portray the University as a place where openness, diversity, and inclusion are valued—and thriving.

Open Minds brochure

Search (You AND Northwestern) Brochure

Sent to high school students identified by Northwestern’s Office of Undergraduate Admission, this brochure provides basic information about the undergraduate experience here while encouraging students to explore the many options open to them.

Search brochure


Northwestern’s most comprehensive undergraduate recruitment publication (viewbook) provides an overview of the University community and a Northwestern education while emphasizing the University’s branding messages. Featuring information on the six undergraduate schools, Chicago and Evanston, campus life, financial aid, and more, the viewbook uses the words of students and faculty, vivid photography, and striking infographics to tell the story of life at a great university.