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Campaign Managers

Thank you for being a leader and advocate for our campaign! Our contributions make a positive difference in the lives of our neighbors in need, and as leaders, you set and maintain the tone of our campaign. Whether you have been a campaign manager for several years or this is your first time, the resources below will give you helpful tools and tips to engage your fellow colleagues around our goals.

Participation Rate Contest

As an additional incentive to contribute – and to have a little fun – your campaign areas will once again compete to win cash prizes for those with the highest participation rates. Campaign areas have been split into three competitive categories based on the number of employees: small, medium, and large. The campaign area with the highest participation rate in each category will win a $1,000 prize. In past years these prizes have been used for staff celebrations, departmental purchases, or additional donations to community organizations of your area’s choice. Standings will be updated to campaign managers and listed on this page at the end of the contest. Good luck!

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2017 Campaign Participation Rate Contest Leaders

Congratulations to our 2017 Top 3 campaign areas for having the largest percentages of participating employees! Cash prizes can be used however your school or department decides.

2017 Campaign Participation Rate Contest Leaders
Small Medium Large
Leader Feinberg School of Medicine Ctr for Community Health   Controller 1 Human Resources
Participation Rate 26.1% 66.0% 84.8%

Campaign Area Managers


Sabrina Flowers & Keith Paddy

Steven Adams, Yvette Davis & Gemma Lopez

Prize $1,000 $1,000 $1,000

Campaign Resources

Select support materials are provided below. For additional resources, please visit United Way's full menu of support materials.

General Information

Education Initiative

Video Resources

Contacts for Campaign Managers

If you have any questions about your campaign area, please contact Campaign Committee Member, Anna Freedman. Northwestern's United Way Relationship Manager Brian Cataldo will also serve as a partner and support system throughout the campaign – please don’t hesitate to reach out to him with any questions you might have.

Anna Freedman
Coordinator, Work/Life & Family Resources
Committee, Northwestern's United Way Campaign

Brian Cataldo
Relationship Manager for Northwestern University
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago