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Service Updates and Announcements

This page is updated with changes for Shuttle Services as well as Evanston Parking and Chicago Parking announcements.

Shuttle Service Updates

Campus and Evanston Loop Schedule Updates

To adjust to the end of Daylight Saving Time on November 3 and to help ensure your safety as you commute around campus, please be aware of the following changes to the Campus Loop and Evanston Loop shuttle schedules. Beginning this Sunday, November 3 through Saturday, March 7, 2020:

Chicago Train Shuttle Tickets Increased October 1, 2019

Beginning with the October monthly passes, the cost for a Chicago Train Station shuttle monthly pass is $52.00. Effective October 1, the 10-ride ticket packets are $21.00. Monthly pass and 10-ride ticket packet price changes last occurred in 2016, and the new prices remain lower than the advertised CTA fares. If you wish to discontinue this benefit administered through PayFlex, please login to to make any necessary changes.


Evanston Parking Announcements

City of Evanston Reservoir Project

The City of Evanston Lincoln Street water reservoir construction project is in progress.  Construction activity/traffic is expected on Lincoln Street and North Campus Drive.  Member of the campus community are urged to use caution and allow extra time when driving or walking near the work site.  The project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2021.

Football Parking

Please see football parking information on the main page of this website.

Lot Closings

The Reservoir lot (#104) is permanently closed.  See other lot closings on the main page of this website.

Garage/Lot Capacity Update

 The following events may affect capacity, traffic and congestion in the parking garages.  Parkers should allow extra time and plan to use alternate lots if necessary:  Friday 10/25 - Homecoming and Reunion Weekend.

2019/20 Parking Permits

2019/20 parking permits are now available for purchase in the Parking Office. 

Parking Lot Gates and Pay Stations

Parking controls (gates, card readers and pay stations) in the North and South Parking Garages are now operating.  Current permit holders will gain access to the garages by swiping their Wildcard at the entrance gates.  Daily parking for those without current permits is available for an $9.00 fee.  Daily parking may be paid for at pay stations located in each elevator lobby.  Further detailed information is available on this web site under the Policies & Information tab above.

Parking Reminders

Storage of vehicles in main campus lots and garages for periods of time exceeding 48 consecutive hours is prohibited. 

Contractor Parking

Construction contractors are prohibited from parking in all main campus lots and garages.  Contractor Lot permits will be valid only in the Ryan Field West and East  parking lots (# 101/ 102).  A free contractor shuttle is provided.

Resident Student Parking in North Garage

Resident Student permits ("R", "R9") will continue to have access to the North Garage.



Chicago Parking Announcements

There are currently no notices for Chicago Parking.