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Experiential Learning

Our vision is to support hands-on experiential learning at Northwestern that enables students to engage with the physical environment, address global environmental issues, and grow as leaders in sustainability.

Northwestern strives to prepare students to be globally aware citizens. The University’s strategic plan, NorthWEstern Will, emphasizes the discovery of creative solutions that promote a sustainable environment, integrated learning, community connections, and global engagement. We are committed to providing hands-on experiential learning that not only educates our students about sustainability but also empowers them to be sustainability leaders equipped to solve critical environmental and social challenges.

The Experiential Learning Working Group is the hub for programs that catalyze research, teaching, and outreach in the linked fields of energy and sustainability. The group will cultivate faculty, student, and staff collaboration to create a Living-Learning Lab Program that will explore and apply sustainability concepts in the campus environment.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Real-world learning opportunities
  • Research and application of sustainability technologies

Key Objectives 

  • 4.1 Establish a Living-Learning Lab Program by 2018.
  • 4.2 Identify courses that lend themselves to hands-on experiential learning.
  • 4.3 Increase student sustainability literacy.

Download the Experiential Learning section of the Implementation Roadmap