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Working Groups

sustainNU Working Groups are responsible for planning and implementing initiatives aimed at achieving the University’s sustainability goals. There is a Working Group for each of the five program areas identified in the Strategic Sustainability Plan. Working Group membership is open to all interested students, faculty, and staff. To join one of these groups, contact the Working Group facilitators listed below.

Working Group members and others interested in advancing sustainability on campus can also sign up for sustainNU Working Group LISTSERVs or the general sustainNU LISTSERV to join the conversation about campus sustainability initiatives or efforts related to the five program areas. 

Check the schedule of upcoming Working Group meetings here

For questions, email

Built Environment 

Areas of focus include energy, renewable energy, infrastructure, water and land, and greenhouse gas emissions.
Working Group LISTSERV


Areas of focus include commuting and campus travel, cycling, and electric vehicles.
Working Group LISTSERV

Resource Conservation 

Areas of focus include waste reduction, environmentally preferable purchasing, and sustainable food.
Working Group LISTSERV

Experiential Learning 

Areas of focus include real-world learning opportunities and research and application of sustainability technologies. 
Working Group LISTSERV

Communications and Engagement 

Areas of focus include communication and engagement activities aimed at faculty members, students, staff members, alumni, and the broader community.
Working Group LISTSERV

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