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Affiliated Programs

Northwestern has established formal affiliations with partner program providers and universities in the US and abroad for certain programs during the academic year.  All affiliated programs on our website have been vetted and approved by the faculty-led University Study Abroad Committee and the International Risk Assessment Committee (IRAC) and are deemed to meet Northwestern standards in terms of academic quality, housing, cultural immersion, and student support services.  These include various subtypes:

  • Center-based programs: designed such that the predominant study format consists of classroom-based courses designed for non-host country students. Centers may be operated independently, be special units within a host country university, or be sponsored by a college or university in another country or by a study abroad provider organization. Many study abroad centers have permanent staff and facilities.
  • Direct enrollment programs: established to offer direct study at an overseas university without the assistance of external offices such as those of a program provider. 
  • Field study programs: designed with pedagogy that revolves around experiential study outside the classroom setting, often enabling students to engage in research or independent study projects.  An Academic Internship program can be considered a subtype  in which the focal activity is a credit-bearing internship.
  • Hybrid or mixed programs: developed to combine two or more subtypes to a significant degree. For example, a study abroad center might emphasize courses just for study abroad participants but also permit students to enroll in host university courses and/or participate in a credit-bearing internship or service-learning experience. 
  • Integrated university study programs: designed such that the predominant study format is participation in regular courses alongside degree-seeking students from the host university. May be either via direct enrollment (see above) or enrollment facilitated by a study abroad provider organization.