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Nantes: French Language Immersion & Area Studies

Nantes: French Language Immersion & Area Studies website  (map)

Sponsor: IES Abroad

Location: Nantes, France


The sixth largest city in France, Nantes is located in Western France on the Loire River. Large enough to be a bustling cultural and economic center but small enough that IES Abroad Nantes is the only permanent US study abroad program, Nantes is the perfect setting for those looking for serious integration into French language and culture; it is strongly recommended for students who are currently majoring or minoring in French, or those considering the option.

Students combine French-taught program courses with one or more courses at the nearby University of Nantes. Credit-bearing teaching internships in French elementary, junior high and high schools are also available. Homestay living with local families is a highlight of the program.  With access to the University of Nante's libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, and sports facilities, students have ample opportunity to meet French students and can join student clubs and other social and sports organizations.

Program Type: Affiliated


  • Full Year
  • Fall
  • Winter/Spring


Admission Info:

To apply, Northwestern students must: 

  1. Complete a Northwestern Study Abroad Application by the appropriate deadline
  2. Complete an IES Abroad application by the program's deadline

Languages: French

Language Requirements: 

2 years or the equivalent of college-level French


Homestays (12 meals/week)

Program Costs: 

Fall 2017: $26,175

Billed by Northwestern: $16,500

Estimated additional costs: $9,675

  • Housing & insurance: $4,190
  • Additional meals: $1,570
  • Airfare: $1,200
  • Local transportation: $350
  • Books & supplies: $220
  • Personal expenses: $1,850
  • Visa & fees: $295

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