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IES Granada

IES Granada website  (map)

Sponsor: IES Abroad

Location: Granada, Spain


The program offers two unique program options: the Intermediate Spanish Program and Advanced Spanish Program. Students placed in the Intermediate Program take IES Abroad courses in both English and Spanish. The Advanced Program courses are conducted entirely in Spanish, including study at the Universidad de Granada. Both options introduce students to Spain’s Moorish heritage and Jewish past, and its continuing links to North Africa through Islamic and Contemporary North African Studies. Internship and service learning placements are available.


  • Full Year
  • Fall
  • Winter/Spring


  • Spanish majors and minors must discuss their study abroad plans with a departmental adviser.

Admission Info: 

To apply, Northwestern students must: 

  1. Complete a Northwestern Study Abroad Application by the appropriate deadline
  2. Complete an IES application by the program's deadline


Languages: Spanish, English

Language Requirements: 

Intermediate Program: 1 year (completion of Spanish 101-3 or 115-2) or the equivalent of college-level Spanish.

Advanced Program: 2 years (completion of 121-3 or 125) or the equivalent of college-level Spanish.

All Programs: Enrollement in a Spanish course at Northwestern within the academic year prior to the program start date


Homestays (14 meals/week)

Dorm Houses (18 meals/week)

Colegios Mayores - spring only (18 meals/week)

Program Costs: 

Fall 2017: $21,575

Billed by Northwestern: $14,160

Estimated additional costs: $7,415

  • Housing & insurance: $3,440
  • Meals: $1,000
  • Airfare: $950
  • Local transportation: $100
  • Books & supplies: $55
  • Personal expenses: $1,700
  • Visa & fees: $170

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