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Comparative Public Health: Serbia & Bosnia-Herzegovina

Comparative Public Health: Serbia & Bosnia-Herzegovina website  (map)

Sponsor: Office of International Program Development (IPD)

Location: Belgrade, Serbia; Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina


This new program introduces students to healthcare systems and policies in the former Yugoslavia and to the specific public health challenges facing these post-socialist and post-conflict societies. Students will spend four weeks in Belgrade, Serbia, followed by four weeks in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where they will develop a nuanced and comparative perspective on the politics and history of recent conflicts, as well as relevant social and political determinants of health disparities, in the region.

Through four one-credit courses, site visits, cultural excursions, and supervised field activities at community health organizations, students will learn about:

  • the cultures, languages, and communities in the region
  • the impact of war, humanitarianism, and neoliberal economic reforms on local health systems
  • the place of health and healthcare delivery in postwar reform and reconstruction processes
  • the pressing current health policy debates and public health challenges in each country
  • post-traumatic stress, humanitarian psychiatry, and post-war mental health care


  • Summer

Languages: English


University-arranged dormitories.

Program Costs: 

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