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National University of Singapore Exchange

National University of Singapore Exchange website  (map)

Sponsor: Northwestern University Office of International Program Development (IPD)

Location: Singapore, Singapore


In this exchange program students enroll directly at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and take classes with local and international students. NUS is one of the premier institutions in the Asia-Pacific region and offers a wide-range of disciplines as well as a vibrant research environment. Students are also able to combine research with courses in a wide-range of fields.  Northwestern students have the option of studying abroad for a semester or full academic year. Students pay Northwestern tuition and are responsible for travel and all other expenses (including room and board).

Program Type: Northwestern-Sponsored


  • Full Year
  • Fall
  • Winter/Spring

Languages: English


Residence halls on campus

Program Costs: 

Visit the IPD program page for cost information.

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