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China: Political & Economic Development

China: Political & Economic Development website  (map)

Sponsor: Northwestern University Office of International Program Development (IPD), in partnership with Peking University

Location: Beijing, China


This program examines the origins and development of Chinese communism and its influence on modern Chinese political economy. Students will learn about the evolution of Chinese institutions and policies, international trade and foreign investment, and legal reform in order to understand recent economic and policy developments and China's growing role in global politics. Students will also take intensive language classes in Mandarin Chinese. Weekly cultural and historical excursions complement classroom content and offer students a glimpse of Beijing's storied past.

Program Type: Northwestern-Sponsored


  • Summer

Languages: English, Chinese

Language Requirements: 

None; however, students take intensive language classes in Mandarin Chinese during the program.


Double-occupancy, air-conditioned rooms in an international dormitory

Program Costs: 

Visit the IPD program page for cost information.

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