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Institute for Study Abroad, Butler University (IFSA-Butler)

This page outlines some of the billing and financial arrangements for affiliated IFSA-Butler programs, and is intended as a guide to help you navigate the financial aspects of your study abroad process. You should always refer to your published IFSA-Butler materials and requirements for the most current information and instructions.

Feel free to contact Krista Bethel if you have any questions not addressed in the sections below.

  • Deposit

    After you are accepted to an IFSA-Butler program, you will be required to pay a $500 deposit directly to IFSA to confirm your place on the program. This deposit is your responsibility to pay; Northwestern cannot pay or waive study abroad program deposits for students.

    If paying your program deposit presents a significant financial hardship for your family, you may want to consider the IFSA UpFront Advance program to request a deferral of this charge. Contact IFSA-Butler directly with any questions.

  • Northwestern Invoice

    Your Northwestern invoice will be issued through CAESAR on the regular quarterly schedule, and will include your IFSA-Butler program fee and the NU study abroad administrative fee. You can find estimated NU-billed charges and other expenses on your program page; refer to your IFSA-Butler program materials for the most current cost information.

    • IFSA-Butler Deposit:  If you paid a confirmation deposit, it will be credited to your NU account after IFSA has confirmed the payment.
    • IFSA-Butler Scholarships:  If you were awarded a scholarship by IFSA-Butler, it will disburse to your NU account after the funds have been sent to Northwestern.
    • NU Financial Aid:  If you receive financial aid and/or loans, these funds will continue to apply directly to your NU account.

    If you are enrolled in the Northwestern 9PAY payment plan, you may still use 9PAY for your NU-billed study abroad expenses, but the amount you owe each month may be different. Contact Krista Bethel just before your study abroad term for a billing estimate to calculate your 9PAY payments.

  • Other Program Charges

    Because your program fee will be billed through your Northwestern account, you should not receive a separate invoice from IFSA-Butler for your program's tuition or housing. Additional fees may apply for certain courses, housing add-ons, field trips, or other optional items related to your program. If applicable, you are responsible for paying these fees directly to IFSA.

  • IFSA-Butler Scholarships

    NU students are encouraged to pursue outside scholarships for study abroad, including those offered by IFSA-Butler. Contact IFSA directly with any questions about applications, requirements, or deadlines.

    If your scholarship application or IFSA "financial footprint" requires a financial aid certification, send it to Krista Bethel in the financial aid office.