Event Planning

students planning an event

Student Organizations & Activities staff are happy to help any registered student organization (RSO) plan an event. Before you start planning an event make sure you have a reasonable timeline. Contracts can take up to six weeks to complete.


Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) have several options available to them when considering food for their events. Visit the Food page for more information regarding policies and procedures. 

Flag Services 

If an RSO would like to have flags at their event, visit the Flag Services page for more information regarding policies and procedures. 

Campus Movie Guidelines

For information regarding showing copyrighted materials on campus, visit the Campus Movie Guidelines page. 

Find a Space

RSOs in need of space for their event should visit the Find a Space page for information on space available to them on campus and procedure for utilizing off campus space. 

Contracts and Vendor Forms

Contracts are used whenever you invite an outside person to campus to provide a service or performance. Visit the Contracts and Vendor Forms page to access these documents. 

Use of University Facilities for Political Activities

Although University organizations may sponsor political forums or debates, only recognized student organizations may use University facilities to host an event on behalf of a single political candidate. It applies to activities on any of the University’s campuses and to activities relating to any political candidate, whether domestic or foreign. Click here for the full policy and contact information for any questions.

Theatre Guidelines

If an RSO would like to utilize Norris or Shanley for a performance, please review the Theatre Guidelines page. 

University Disruption and Demonstration

This policy addresses the parameters for free expression and peaceful demonstration by members of the Northwestern University community. Click here for the full policy and a list of responsible university officials.